Acrisure Moving & Storage Program

To provide Acrisure Agency Partners access to moving and storage new business opportunities, we are creating a platform known as Acrisure Moving & Storage Program. This new platform is made up of moving and storage insurance professionals specializing in underwriting, risk management service, and marketing.

As an Acrisure partner, we recognize that many Acrisure partners are seeking ways to grow organically and maximize strengths across many niche areas of business. The formation of this platform will enable all the 400 plus agency partners to pursue new and existing business opportunities in the moving and storage transportation marketplace.

Acrisure Moving & Storage Program will provide the opportunity for Acrisure partners to access expertise in the placement and servicing of moving and storage companies. For over three decades, H. D. Segur, Inc., has gained extensive expertise, experience, and markets required for successfully placing business. H. D. Segur, Inc. recognizes that many of the agency partners have moving and storage opportunities, however, lack the markets, and specialty services they often require. Licensed in 50 states our platform will provide all agency partners access to the most competitive insurance markets on a National Basis.


We Are Proudly Licensed in All 50 States